Sleep is an escape from reality, however temporary it may be,

as i close my eyes and drift off into sleep I journey into the dreamworld

that operates behind out existence. When I sleep

I forget the pain and sadness that exists when I am awake, those sweet 8 hours of sleep.


Even resting my eyes for 3 brief minutes mirrors the escape of sleep,

the weight of life’s turmoil and distress waits for me to awake from my sleep

it rests on top of me on my duvet, awaiting my return from sleep.

But however fleeting the escape is that sleep provides,

I will embrace on the sleep that takes with 7 hours of quick few minutes of 5.


The ultimate sleep is yet to come,

a sleep that I am yet to experience but I think about often.

Eternal sleep awaits us all,

I hope I experience an ascent and not a fall.

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