Editorial Work List 2020

Newsletters on site:

Real Reads 

In chronological (most recent first) then alphabetical order

Commissioned and edited for Meeting of Minds UK in 2020:

November 2020:

A Shared Identity in Migration: Lasting Cultural Legacies

It Must be an Accident: Sexual Assault in Kenya

Nigerian Women’s Role in the #EndSARS Movement

The World’s Most Liveable City: But Conditions Apply


October 2020 – Black History Month Part Two:

#BHM A Mother and her child: Muthoni Wa Kirima

#BHM Black Victorian: The story of Queen Victoria’s Nigerian protégé

#BHM Bold and Black: The Dawn of a New Radical Woman

#BHM Channelling Makeba: The Power of Possibilities

#BHM Elizabeth Ambimbola Awoliyi: Nigeria’s First Female Physician

#BHM Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti: Driving Change and Not Just Cars

#BHM ‘I Am Positive and Loud’ Auxillia Chimusoro

#BHM Madam Yoko: Heroine of the people or colonial traitor?

#BHM Mekatitlili wa Menza: Kenyan Prophet and Warrior – Part 2

#BHM Queen Nzinga: Angola’s Skilled Military Commander

#BHM The Seat of Wangu wa Makeri


October 2020 – Black History Month Special Part One:

#BHM ‘Amanirenas: The One-Eyed Warrior Queen’

#BHM ‘American Queens of Gynaecology: Mothers of Medicine’

#BHM ‘Mekatitlili wa Menza: Kenyan Prophet and Warrior – A Two-Part Essay’

#BHM ‘Misogynoir in Medicine: Honouring Dr Rebecca Crumpler’

#BHM ‘Remembering Chibesa Kankasa: The Activist’

#BHM ‘Some call her revolutionary, others a witch: The powerful story of Alice Lenshina’

#BHM ‘The Gay Spot: An Imagining of Ruth Ellis’ Gatherings’

#BHM ‘The Women Who Saved Us: The Female Freedom Fighters of Guinea-Bissau’

#BHM ‘Una Marson: Jamaican Artist and Activist’

#BHM ‘Wangari Maathai: The Environmentalist who Changed the World


September 2020 – 2nd:

Belgian Muslim Women: Choosing Faith or Education

Fibroids: One of the Last Taboos

Period Poverty, Betrayed by My Anatomy

Reclaiming our time! Black Women, let’s talk about 2020

Running (from) home


September 2020 – 1st:

Becoming a Black woman in the land where race does not exist

Has COVID-19 killed the ‘voluntourism’ star?

Racial disparities in maternal healthcare: A global phenomenon

Stop Silencing Toxicity in African Families


August 2020:

Is the Self-help industry harmful to Black Women?

Black Twitter: The Ghost-writer of Mainstream Brands

The D Word

The Gendered Nature of Mental Illness in Nigeria


July 2020:

A Black Woman’s Guide to Navigating Berlin Gawkers

Coca-Cola and Cafemol: On Being a Zambian Woman

Nigeria’s Culture and Legal System Enables Gender-Based Violence and Female Subjugation


June 2020 – Refugee Week:

#RefugeeWeek: Refugees and Migrants – why they differ and why it matters

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