Published Work for Meeting of Minds UK – 2020

Newsletters on site:

Real Reads

December 2020

What Netflix’s ‘His House’ Tells Us About the Migrant Experience

November 2020

Education: A Double-Edged Sword

Rahama Sadau’s Case Evidences a Culture of Harassment and Misogyny in Kannywood

September 2020

WAP is Not the Feminist Anthem You Want It to Be, and That’s Okay

It’s time to get real about how black women collectively engage with black hair

August 2020

African Creatives’ Responses to COVID-19 Demonstrate the Overlooked Talent in and From the Continent

From Beauty Positivity to Beauty Neutrality: Divestment is the Only Solution

June 2020

Patriarchy’s Role in Police Brutality Needs to be Addressed

In Defence of Black-owned Businesses: SMADE Entertainment Does Not Represent All Black Business Owners

May 2020

Why Do Only Black Women Get Cancelled?


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