Editorial Work List 2021

Newsletters on site:

In March 2021 we launched Africa in Focus and Grad Zine – two sister publications to the pre-existing Real Reads. Each tailor to the diverse needs of our varied audience.

Africa in Focus


Real Reads

In chronological (most recent first) then alphabetical order

Commissioned and Edited for Meeting of Minds UK in 2021:

July 2021:

Africa in Focus:

African Herbalism, Culture and Resistance

eSwatini: Anti-Monarchy Protests in Africa’s Last Absolute Kingdom

This Child of Mine

Real Reads:

Interview with Chantelle Lunt: “You don’t always win in activism, but it’s that resistance that makes you an activist”podcast, 46m 33s

Take Me Back Home

The Assassination of President Moïse: How Did We Get Here and What Lays Ahead for Haiti?

Zimbabwe Deportations, Britishness, and Priti Patel’s Attack on Blackness

June 2021:

Africa in Focus:

Black Women Globally Face an “Emotional Tax”, West African Women Bear the Brunt

COVID19: The Inequalities of Student Learning, Lessons from Ghana

Does Cancel Culture Rectify Harm or Induce More?

Naomi Osaka and the Policing of Black Female Athletes (Moved from alphabetical order to makes sure it shows up on site).

In Conversation with VanVan: Poetry, Purpose and Power video interview, 6m 11s

Sexual Terrorism in Ethiopia’s Tigray Threatens the Safety of Marginalised Women – podcast, 26m 21s

Real Reads:

#LGBTPrideMonth: The Legend of Zora Neale Hurston’s Queerness

“That’s still a thing?!”: Food Deserts and Black America

The Witch is Back and She’s Black

May 2021: 

Africa in Focus:

Why Do We Place an Expiry Date on Women?

A Tale of 3 Elections, 3 Dictators and 1 Script

#EveryDayFeminism Nigerian Feminist, Amarachi Nickabugu, Tweets a Misogynistic Law Every Day for Nearly a Year and Counting

Idriss Déby’s Son, Mahamat Déby Itno, Takes Over as Chad’s New President. Will Political Unrest in West Africa Follow? podcast, 24m 44s

Lack of Economic Mobility in Mozambique Strengthens ISIS Presence in the Region

On Pleasure and Belonging: Manifesting Lessons From adrienne maree brown in Egypt

Vaccination Mistrust Among Africans is Rooted in a Long-Standing History of Exploitation

Real Reads:

schwarz: How the Black Lives Matter Movement Emboldened Afro-German Creativity and Resistance – 30 minute documentary with article

Stolen: A Four-Part Series of Loss and Self-Discovery – Part Four

Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth*

Why Do Black Folks Assume I Date White People?

April 2021: 

Africa in Focus:

Congo Brazzaville: The Emperor’s New Term

How Toxic Positivity Enables Gender-Based Violence Against Women, a West African Perspective

Living in Limbo, an Asylum Seeker’s Journey in SA


#BringBackOurGirls: Aisha Yesufu on the fight for Nigerian girls right to educationpodcast, 42m 39s

Real Reads:

Black Ballet: Breaking the Chains of White Supremacy Through Dance (for #InternationalDanceDay)

#BringBackOurGirls, #SayHerName, and the Limits of Social Media Activism

Stolen: A Four-Part Series of Loss and Self-Discovery – Part Three

The Digital Finishing Schools for Black Women: Inside the Bizarre World of Black Femininity

March 2021: 

Africa in Focus:

Tanzania: Will President Suluhu Usher in a New Era for Women After Magufuli’s death?

Where are the Women? A Review of Ivory Coast’s 2021 Parliamentary Elections

March 2021 – Women’s History Month Special: 

Africa in Focus:

“I Have the Passion to Grow My Community and My Country”: A Perspective on the Media’s Role During COVID-19

In Conversation with Rowa Ahmed, Designer and Community OrganiserIncludes sound bites (< 5 minutes)

Meet Gugulethu Siso, the Founder of Zimbabwean Logistics Company Thumeza

Nomusa Sizani: A Feminist, Housing Rights and Anti-Xenophobia Activist

No Roses from Her Mouth: The Feminist Challenging Power through Radical Rudeness

Zukiswa Wanner: Writing Her Name into History, One Book at a Time

Real Reads:

Afua Osei: The Motherland Mogul Training Future Black Moguls

Lina Iris Viktor: Reimagining Darkness as a Positive Force in the Art World and Beyond

Black. Woman. Queer… Jessica C. Neal, The Sauciest Archivist on the East Coast Invites Us Home

In Conversation with Rachel Gnagnikopodcast, 31m 19s

It’s in the Way My Body Moves: Nora Chipaumire 

Let Your Voice Be Heard: FGM Survivor and Feminist Campaigner, Jaha Dukereh, Speaks

The Gen Z Pan-African Climate Activist Taking The UK Government To Court

February 2021 – 2nd:

Bridgerton Taunts a Vision of Liberation in a Shroud of Oppression

Female Entrepreneurs over 30 Need Support Too

If COVID-19 Doesn’t Kill Us, Capitalism Just Might

lnstagram Filters and Their Effect on Body Image

Nigeria’s Ban on Crypto Spells a Blow to Economic Freedom

Stolen: A Four-Part Series of Loss and Self-Discovery – Part Two

The Black Woman-Owned Brand Tailoring Crochet to All Bodies

Zambian Cross-Border Traders Affected by COVID-19 Restrictions

February 2021 – LGBQT+ History Month Special:

A Data-Driven Exploration Into the Varied Life Experiences of LGBTQ+ People

Sex is Cool but Have You Ever Been Touched by the Romance of Queer Friendships?

February 2021 – 1st:

An Interest in Memory

Blackness in Brown Africa: Afropean Observations

Christian Women Think (Have) Abortions Too

COVID-19: Is It The Disease or Poor Governance That Is Killing Us?

CRY FROM THE WOMB: Are We Allowed to Regret Abortion?

How Do We Mourn? Refugees Dealing With Loss at a Distance in the Age of Corona

Let’s Leave the New Year’s Resolution in 2020

Regional Development in Zambia Under Threat as COVID-19 Crisis Continues – Includes sound bites (< 5 minutes)

Stolen: A Four-Part Series of Loss and Self-Discovery – Part One

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