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In March 2021 we launched Africa in Focus and Grad Zine, joining Real Reads – three sister publications which tailor to the diverse needs of our varied audience.

Africa in Focus


Real Reads 

In chronological (most recent first) then alphabetical order

Me as the Host

June 2021

Real Reads:

Skinny Shaming: Fact of Fiction? podcast, 35m 11s

April 2021

Real Reads:

Radical Candor: Understanding Radical Honesty and Candid Compassion – podcast, 39m 40s

Staff Creatives and Freelancers as the Host

July 2021:

Real Reads:

Interview with Chantelle Lunt: “You don’t always win in activism, but it’s that resistance that makes you an activist”podcast, 46m 33s

June 2021:

Africa in Focus:

In Conversation with VanVan: Poetry, Purpose and Power video interview, 6m 11s

Sexual Terrorism in Ethiopia’s Tigray Threatens the Safety of Marginalised Womenpodcast, 26m 21s

May 2021:

Africa in Focus:

Idriss Déby’s Son, Mahamat Déby Itno, Takes Over as Chad’s New President. Will Political Unrest in West Africa Follow?podcast, 24m 44s

Africa in Focus:

schwarz: How the Black Lives Matter Movement Emboldened Afro-German Creativity and Resistance – 30 minute documentary with article

April 2021: 


#BringBackOurGirls: Aisha Yesufu on the fight for Nigerian girls right to educationpodcast, 42m 39s

March 2021 – Women’s History Month Special: 

Africa in Focus:

In Conversation with Rowa Ahmed, Designer and Community OrganiserIncludes sound bites (< 5 minutes)

Real Reads:

In Conversation with Rachel Gnagnikopodcast, 31m 19s

February 2021:

Real Reads:

Regional Development in Zambia Under Threat as COVID-19 Crisis Continues – Includes sound bites (< 5 minutes)

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